In the last several years many homebuyers have been looking for well cared for outdoor spaces that they can see themselves utilizing and even entertaining guests in. We can also all agree that no matter the size or features of a yard the condition of it adds to the curb appeal. But sometimes when a home buyer sees an immaculate and very impressive landscape in a home they can feel like the upkeep the yard would require might need more time than they want to give and it could scare them away.  

Some home buyers, though they want a nice yard, are also looking for that yard to stay nice with very little effort or upkeep on their part. If you are selling a home, your garden should feel inviting and relaxing to all buyers, not all buyers will have a green thumb and be ready to take on an elaborate landscape.  

What can you do if you are selling a home with an amazing yard to keep it appealing to the majority and reassure buyers that it will be an enjoyment, not added work? 

Declutter the Yard 

You want the yard to send a message of “sit, take in the beauty, and relax,” instead of “come spend your entire Saturday pruning and weeding.” Simplify the space by getting rid of lawn ornaments, trim everything WAY back, and stage a few areas with some outdoor furniture to create an outdoor living space.   You want to give a feeling of simple, clean, and ready to use.  

Consider Taking High Maintenance Plants with You 

If there are rare or specialty plants in the yard that will require more care, consider transplanting them into a pot or offering them to a neighbor. Dig them up and put them in a pot or move them to another loving home before you put your home on the market.  

You don’t have to leave the garden completely bare though either, consider planting some perennial plants that come back every year. These can be a big selling point as they are low maintenance.  

How to Keep Your Gorgeous Garden from Overwhelming Buyers

Rethink High Maintenance Water Features 

Though your waterfall, fountain, or koy pond may be stunning, it can spark concern of upkeep in buyers. If a buyer is not sure of how to take care of a water feature it can have them re-thinking the purchase of the property. You may want to consider filling in water features before selling or compiling some helpful care tips to reassure the buyer the water feature is not as overwhelming as it looks.  

Put Together Some Helpful Maintenance Tips  

Maybe you have a magazinelike yard that you have created an easy-care routine for. Be proactive and show buyers how easy it is to keep the yard looking amazing. Note things like easy-care plants, irrigation system, and low maintenance beautiful landscaping in the listing to entice buyers instead of deterring them. Get ahead of any hesitations that could occur about the care of the gorgeous yard.  

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