It’s different if you’re moving from Phoenix to Scottsdale versus Anchorage Alaska to Scottsdale. The weather is slightly different, as you might assume, but even if you’re moving across state lines, you probably are doing a little bit of research on the Scottsdale area, finding communities and neighborhoods in which to reside, and learning a little bit about the area. As I welcome you to the Scottsdale area I want to give you a few tips and guidelines for our beautiful and sunny area.

What to Know About Moving to Scottsdale

#1. Scottsdale is actually more affordable than you might think.

When we think sunny, hot weather, we naturally assume high-priced homes and real estate but that’s just not the case. Of course, you can buy a million-dollar mansion but you can also buy a beautiful little single-family home under 2000 ft.² for less than $300,000. The median home index is about $400,000, but it also depends on where you live, what neighborhood you choose, and the size of the house. Our housing costs and cost of living is generally lower than most of the country.

#2. You don’t have to stay inside because of the weather.

People from outside our state think we stay indoors, in the air conditioning all hours of the day and night, but that’s just not the case. You don’t have to be by the pool to enjoy the outside. Because we have such dry weather hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking are extremely popular throughout the Scottsdale area. Many people spend a lot of time on Camelback Mountain just on the outskirts of Scottsdale and visit Pinnacle Peak and Thompson Peak for trails, horseback riding, and running.

What to Know About Moving to Scottsdale

#3. It’s a second home destination.

Because we have over 330 days of sunshine every year and we don’t get much colder than about 72°, snowbirds from northern states make their way to Scottsdale every fall and stay till about March or April. It’s a perfect place for a second home or for snowbirds.

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#4. The city is split into four sections.

Scottsdale is actually broken up into four main sections: Central Scottsdale or Shea Corridor, Old Town Scottsdale, South Scottsdale, and the North Scottsdale. South Scottsdale has been for the working-class region with the median home price of about $300,000. North Scottsdale has more mansions and larger estates with the median home value of about $680,000. Old Town Scottsdale features many older streets, old-fashioned stores, unique restaurants and bars, art galleries and shops. It contains the major nightlife for the area and is a major art center for Metro Phoenix. Central Scottsdale or Shea Corridor is named because of its close proximity to the East-West running Shea Boulevard. Many of these homes were built in the mid-century to 1970s and feature a wide range of residential communities, and she can neighborhoods, and retail outlets.

#5. Scottsdale is relatively safe.

Most of Scottsdale is nationally recognized for its safe, clean neighborhoods. This is primarily due to affluent residents and neighborhood watch systems. Scottsdale is ranked #7 as the safest city in the country with a population of over 200,000.


#6. Scottsdale is an artists dream.

Scottsdale is one of the top cities for art in the country. There are more than 125 art galleries and studios in Scottsdale alone. American Style magazine listed Scottsdale among one of the most popular art markets in the country. Our annual Scottsdale Arts Festival has been ranked the top art event in the country. There’s always something going on as it pertains to art in Scottsdale including the ArtWalk every Thursday and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in the Old Town neighborhood.

#7. It’s also a golfers dream.

Scottsdale has over 200 golf courses so if you can’t find a course that is ideal for your activity level and skill level, you won’t find it anywhere. It’s been ranked as “America’s Best Place to Live For Golf” by the Robb Report. North Scottsdale even hosts the Phoenix Open, a four-day event that attracts over 500,000 visitors annually.

#8. Don’t forget Your 4-Legged Friends.

Scottsdale is perfect for anyone that has pets. The Chaparral Dog Park is one of the most impressive dog parks anywhere in the country. Instead of separating dogs by size, they take the approach of separating passive dogs from active dogs in order to keep the peace. You can take your dog along to that ArtWalk I mentioned, get custom painted portraits, go to spas with your four-legged friend, and pretty much go anywhere in the city. They really are treated like kings and queens in the Scottsdale area.

If you’re researching Scottsdale let me encourage you to take a look around, browse my website, call me with any questions or simply check out all the new listings available throughout the Scottsdale area. Let’s schedule a consultation and discuss your real estate needs. And… Welcome to Scottsdale.

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