Where to Live in Grayhawk

Stephen Proski
Published on March 2, 2015

Where to Live in Grayhawk


So you’re thinking about a move to the Grayhawk neighborhood in Scottsdale; and why wouldn’t you? It’s one of the most popular subdivisions and the most extensive in Scottsdale. Located North of Downtown and just north of Hwy 101, Grayhawk is comprised of 2 main neighborhoods and nearly 25 individual subdivisions. Several are gated, some offer clubhouse amenities and others feature luxury properties with gorgeous views. The Retreat is located on the east side of Hayden Road and the Park is located on the west side. What works for your lifestyle may be difficult to discover but chances are there’s something for everyone in Grayhawk.

Prices range from $300,000 – to over $900,000 depending on the style of home, amenities and size. Are you wanting a home in a gated neighborhood? The Retreat might be more your style since almost all subdivisions are gated. The Pinnacle is the only gated subdivision in the Park and it’s located right in the middle of the neighborhood.

Where to live in Grayhawk

If you’re thinking you’d like to be close to the parks there are two main ones to choose from: Grayhawk Park and Thompson Peak Park. Thompson Peak is toward the south end with the condos and townhomes to the west. It’s also close to the Boys and Girls Club. Grayhawk Park is just south of the Grayhawk Elementary school and has sports fields and courts, trails and open green space. Windsong, Coventry at Grayhawk and the Coventry at the Park all surround the Grayhawk Park and the gated community of Pinnacle and Montevina is right across the street from the school.

The Edge, the Venu and the Offices of Grayhawk are located next to the Thompson Peak Park, all within easy walking distance of the park and these condos and apartments.


There are also several tot lot playgrounds around the community:

MontereyWhere to Live in Grayhawk
Corner of 73rd Way and Whistling Wind Way
8 years old up (one set of equipment)

On the corner of Overlook Drive and 72nd Place
All inclusive (one set of equipment)

On the corner of Rustling Pass and 74th Way
All age (two sets of equipment)

On 76th Way between Wingtip Way and Journey Lane
Toddler aged (one set of equipment)

Coventry at Grayhawk
On 74th Way between Journey Lane and Quill Lane
Toddlers (one set of equipment)

Coventry at Grayhawk
On Tailspin Lane between 75th Street and 75th Way

If you’re thinking more adult playground, try the beautiful homes located next to the Raptor Golf Course. The course is situated in the Retreat Village and all homes are in gated subdivisions. These homes start about $400,000 up to $1 million depending on the size and condition. Serenity is the most expensive subdivision with large lots and luxury homes over $1 million. The Talon Golf Course is located south of the Raptor with smaller subdivisions such as Peregrine Vistas, Encore and Renaissance with homes in the $500,000 range.

So, still have no idea? That’s okay, tell me your search requirements and price range and let me do the research for you! This is what I do and I know Grayhawk. I would love to show you around some of my favorite neighborhoods. I look forward to helping you find the best place to live in Grayhawk. CONTACT ME NOW

Images by Jeff Shewan & Google Maps

Where to Live in Grayhawk
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