What NOT to Do to Your Buyer’s Agent

Stephen Proski
Published on May 13, 2015

What NOT to Do to Your Buyer’s Agent


As a Scottsdale real estate buyer’s agent I’ve seen a lot of different types of buyers; some that have a large budget, some small and the gamut of personalities and characters, but there are things that many buyers do that just drive agents and brokers crazy! Here’s what NOT to do to your buyers agent.

  • Not Being PreparedWhat NOT to Do to Your Buyer's Agent

No one likes to deal with people that are completely unprepared but being an agent means you need to be prepared in a variety of different ways. Not only do you need to be financially ready but you need to know what you’re looking for as well. If you get a wild hair and just decide to call a real estate agent and say “I thought to buy a house” but have no idea what your budget is, where you want to live or even what type of house you want, you’re simply not ready to buy. It’s best not to waste your time and ours by not being prepared.

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  • Looking at 25 different houses over the course of a month or two and then going with a different agent.

This is probably one of the most frustrating things that real estate agents have to deal with. As a buyer’s agent, I put in time, my own money, resources, gas and energy finding you the perfect house. I usually drive by the homes before showing them, do the research on the price and the value and find out as much as I can about the home before you even see it. If we do this for dozens of homes over several weeks or months this could be thousands of dollars in time, effort, energy and money put into a home only to have you go somewhere else when it comes time to actually buy. This is why having a dedicated buyer’s agent is vital. Once you start working an agent, its best to see the entire transaction all the way through with the same agent. Yes, you can fire your agent and choose another, but once an agent has put their own time, money and resources into helping a buyer, it can be extremely frustrating to lose the sale.

  • Looking at the same home numerous times without making an offer.

If we’ve been to the same house numerous times, you’ve brought your tape measure, color palette, and you’re starting to size up the backyard but you haven’t made an offer yet, this can be extremely frustrating. It’s clear that you love the home and I would hate for you to be frustrated if someone else should jump in ahead of you and make an offer. If you love a home it’s best to put in an offer.

  • Making too many lowball offers.

What NOT to Do to Your Buyer's AgentIf you are one of those buyers that simply throws out a plethora of lowball offers to see which one sticks, I’m probably not the agent for you. As mentioned before, it takes time, energy and money to continually show houses and make offers. It’s best not to waste everyone’s time if you’re truly not serious about one property or the other.

  • Looking at homes out of your price range.

If you’re only qualified for a home loan up to $400,000 it makes no sense to look for homes in the $500,000 range. However, the only exception I would recommend is if a home has been on the market for some time and is priced at just slightly higher than your maximum budget. If a home has sat on the market for over three months and is priced at $415,000, you might offer $400,000, since it’s in your budget and they may accept.

  • Not respecting buyer’s agent’s time.

Just because I am your representative in a real estate transaction doesn’t mean I will be available to place an offer at midnight, 7 AM, or with five minutes notice. However, I might be! You just never know, but assuming your agent will be ready at a moments notice and being frustrated if they’re not, can lead to lots of disagreements. Have some grace that your buyer’s agent also has a life and even though I’m ready to help you at a moments notice, extenuating circumstances may come first.

As with any job, there are things that clients and customers do that would irritate employers. You probably have a job where your customers do things that you wish they didn’t. If you could tell to your clients things that you hate, do you think it would be a better situation? I want my clients to be aware of what real estate agents must do for buyers but, it’s all about working together for the common goal. I would love to be your agent but I want to make sure that you are prepared, you’ve planned ahead, and that were on the same page so that I can get you the right home at the best price.

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What NOT to Do to Your Buyer’s Agent
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