Staying Cool in Arizona’s Extreme Heat

Stephen Proski
Published on June 23, 2015

Staying Cool in Arizona’s Extreme Heat


Staying Cool in Arizona’s Extreme Heat and How to Cool Off!

What you’ve lived here your whole life or you’ve recently moved from out of state, Arizona’s summers certainly heat up. While most homes do have air conditioning, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be cool everywhere you go. Most homeowners need to prepare for pre-summer temperatures by changing out incandescent lights to LED bulbs, caulking and weatherstripping windows and doors and upgrading to smart power strips as well as adding ceiling fans and getting your air conditioning units and appliances serviced and cleaned.

Here are some great tips for staying cool in our hot summer weather.

#1. Protect your car.

Staying Cool in Arizona’s Extreme Heat

Those sometimes bulky and funky windshield reflectors can actually prevent a lot of burns were simply a hot car at the end of the day. Metal clasps on seatbelts, seats themselves and dashboards as well as steering wheels can get awfully hot when baking in the sun all day. You can buy an extra one to put over a car seat to keep metal clasps from heating up to protect your little ones.

#2. Never neglect water.

Water is one of those things that you don’t really know you need it until you miss it. Keep drinking it, swim in it and spray it on your body and on your face to cool you down. This especially help that there’s a slight breeze. Many shopping centers around Scottsdale and Phoenix actually greet visitors by showering them with a fine, cool mist, which you can create the same effect from a spray bottle.

#3. Stay inside whenever possible.

Really pay attention to those times that you do have to be out in the sun. Simply avoiding the sun and staying in cool, air-conditioned spaces can make you much more comfortable. If you don’t have to be outside baking in the sun, choose a more cooler environment.

#4. Stay cool with indoor attractions.

There are hundreds of things to do around Scottsdale when the mercury gets too high. Check out the Scottsdale Fashion Square for shops, restaurants, markets and more. Enjoy AZ on the Rocks, Arizona’s largest indoor climbing gym with walls up to 30 feet high. And of course, it’s all air-conditioned. Join the Scottsdale artists school. These 3-day mini workshops and weeklong intensives are perfect for beginning to advanced artists in a cool environment. Queen Creek Olive Mill is the perfect place to browse on a weekend or any weekday and there’s even lunch on site. Have fun at Octane Raceway with a third of a mile indoor/outdoor track with speeds over 45 miles an hour. There’s something for everyone in the family including billiards, and arcade, the Trackside Bar & Grill and a rockclimbing wall.

#5. Pay attention to small children and the elderly.

These are the people that experience heatstroke and heat exhaustion the most. Make sure little ones are protected from the harsh rays by continually being covered in a sunscreen and watch out for the elderly that they stay in a cool place and drink plenty of water.

There are a million things to do around the Scottsdale area but make sure you stay safe and stays cool this summer.

Staying Cool in Arizona’s Extreme Heat
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