McDowell Mountain Ranch Home Values

Stephen Proski
Published on August 14, 2015

McDowell Mountain Ranch Home Values


McDowell Mountain Ranch Home Values

McDowell Mountain Ranch is one of Scottsdale’s largest communities located north of downtown to the east of Hwy 101. With over 4,000 homes and 3,200 acres, McDowell Ranch is a popular neighborhood for those moving to and within Scottsdale. Here are some basic numbers buyers and sellers should know about the area.

Current Median List Price – $675,000 Median Sales Price is $500,000

Lowest Current Price – $375,000  |  Highest Priced Home – $2,200,000

There are 63 Homes on the Market as of August 14, 2015 | 60 Single Family, 2 Townhouse/Condo

Average Priced Home is $680,000

61 Homes have backyard pools.

The longest home on the market has been for 476 Days, dropping to 447, then 392 and 294

The Median days on the market is 57.

Gated communities are located on the east side of the region.

General Scottsdale Stats:

The average listing for Scottsdale is $677,000 and Median sales price is $385,000, down 2.5% over last year at this time.

McDowell Mountain Ranch seems to have increased it’s average but remained about the same for the Median home price. However, the average days on the market have decreased making sales much more prevalent.

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Homes are selling faster for a higher price and with the 2015 market in full swing, buyers are finding what they want quickly and making accepted offers on the spot. Great news for sellers. Buyers may find themselves in a tough competition if the home is priced well but should have no problem finding and making an offer on a variety of homes in McDowell Mountain Ranch.


McDowell Mountain Ranch Home Values
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