How Much is My Grayhawk Home Worth?

Stephen Proski
Published on October 16, 2015

How Much is My Grayhawk Home Worth?


How Much is My Grayhawk Home Worth?If you’re considering selling your home in the Grayhawk neighborhood soon, you probably want to know how much it’s worth. Prices and variables change all the time and micro-markets as well as supply and demand all play a part in pricing your home. Simply looking online or getting the famous “Zestimate” may not be an accurate price. However, market value only is determined by what someone will pay for the home. This, coupled with the appraisal, will really define the true value of a home.

At any given time there are roughly 100-150 properties for sale in Grayhawk, including single family homes, multi-family and condos. Condos and townhomes range from about  $120,000-$250,000 with higher and town houses roughly $300,00-$360,000.

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How Much is My Grayhawk Home Worth?That’s about the narrowest pricing margin in Grayhawk.  single-family homes can range anywhere from $450,000 to over $3 million, quite a range. Currently, as of the publishing of this post the highest priced home is $3,475,000. The lowest priced as a condominium at $129,000. Over the last three months, the lowest price home sold for $110,000 and the highest sold for $2,038,000.

The most common type of home is a three bedroom and two bath home between 2000 ft.² and 2500 ft.². These homes are priced between $450,000 and $550,000.  Homes from 1000 ft.² to 1500 ft.² with two or three bedrooms typically range from $200,000-$350,000 and this could be a condominium, townhouse or even a single-family home.

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For an five-bedroom homes with 2 to 4 bathrooms in sizes from 3000 ft.² to 4000 ft.² range from $580,000 to $1.3 million. This is quite a range of price but  these homes are located all over the community from gated neighborhoods to larger estates of over 1 acre.

Our new system personalizes a home value report specifically on your Grayhawk house.  Simply fill out some basic information and I would be happy to send you a free, personalized report on what your home is worth.  From there, we can discuss how long your home might be on the market, a good starting point to price your home and had a stage and prepare your home for sale. Contact your Grayhawk Real Estate Agent

How Much is My Grayhawk Home Worth?
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