Gated Homes in Grayhawk

Stephen Proski
Published on October 6, 2015

Gated Homes in Grayhawk


…And the challenges that comes with owning or selling a home in a gated community.

Grayhawk is one of the most popular and well-known communities in all of Scottsdale Arizona. There are two major subdivisions in Grayhawk, the Park and the Retreat.  The Park features just a couple gated subdivisions and the Retreat features 15 subdivisions with a variety of gated neighborhoods. The Park is on the west side with one gated neighborhood, Pinnacle and several secure condominium in town home neighborhoods. The Retreat is on the Eastside and is primarily gated.Gated Homes in Grayhawk

 The Pinnacle at Grayhawk  is within close walking distance to playgrounds and parks, the local elementary school and the shopping center. This location has 64 plans from 2300 ft.² to 3900 ft.² price from about $700,000.

 The Retreat features several townhome communities and about 15 indicated single-family home communities price from $400,000. Each micro neighborhood has its own entrance.

There are some challenges and things to know when you’re considering buying or selling a home that in a gated community. There are typically three different types of gated communities: a lifestyle community, elite community and security zone but they all provide the same basic service, to keep unwanted individuals out. A lifestyle community provide security and separation for leisure activities and amenities. The Elite community is primarily occupied by wealthy or affluent homeowners and the security zone community is gated by the residents themselves and may or may not keep gates open during the day.


Security is probably one of the main reasons that people choose to live in a gated neighborhood. They can protect feel protected and may also install security or surveillance cameras, motion detectors and gate guards. This also prevents against theft, burglary or vandalism. However, studies have shown that security in gated communities is more of a matter of perception than reality.


Living in a gated community will be more expensive and your homeowners dues will typically cover maintenance and any repairs of the gate and its accessibility. You’ll want away this against the importance of living in a gated community.


Many people feel that there are challenges when it comes to living in a gated community. For instance: you won’t have the Girl Scouts coming by selling you cookies but you also won’t have unwanted solicitors as well. It may make it difficult for friends and family to visit you unless they have their own code and can easily access your area. Medical and emergency vehicles will typically have a code as well that they can override the system and easily access the community however, it will slow them down to some degree. When it comes time to sell, your real estate agent will have a separate code to show the property but an open house and drive-bys are typically out of the question.

Many people love  the security and comfort of a gated community. Grayhawk is an excellent subdivision for those looking for this type of secure property. Please give me a call if you’re interested in a list of properties in a gated community that that your search criteria and price. At any time we can set up a shelling and I can offer you more information about the gated communities throughout the Scottsdale area.


Gated Homes in Grayhawk
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