8 “Spiff Ups” That Help Sell Homes

Stephen Proski
Published on August 27, 2015

8 “Spiff Ups” That Help Sell Homes


When selling a home you want to do your best to give buyers the “ I can live here” feeling when they walk through to look at the home. Lets face it, no one will get that feeling if your home is not looking its best. Here are some low cost spiff ups that can help speed the home selling process and get you the best offers.

  1. Clear ClutterElectrician Installing Wall Socket

This doesn’t just mean visible clutter. You will need to clean out closets and keep storage areas tidy. A house with storage areas that are bursting tells a home buyer there isn’t enough storage and livable space and begins to give that too small vibe. Closets should have at least two feet of empty hanging space and some empty shelve space. Also take some time to clean out the kitchen cupboards to the bare necessities. You have probably heard this before but it is always worth saying take out oversized and large amounts of furniture and box up those personal photos and knickknacks and put them in a rented storage area.

  1. Deep and Thorough Cleaning

This may be the most obvious step. Buyers are looking for a “new home” any indications that it is musty and used will not go over well. Take the time to thoroughly clean and pay attention to fine details you normally wouldn’t because buyers will notice them. Clean dirty windows and sweep out cobwebs. It may be worth it to hire a maid and have floors deep cleaned.

  1. Doormat

Go and get a shiny new doormat. It not only boosts curb appeal it also goes a step further to say “welcome” to buyers and give them the impression the home is well taken care of.

  1. Dehumidifier in Basements

Basements collect moisture even during summer months. During the times you are not showing your home prevent moisture and mildew buildup by running a dehumidifier at 60 percent humidity.

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  1. Paint Over Bold Color Choices

8 "Spiff Ups" That Help Sell HomesIf you have bright or bold colors on your walls that help tell the story of your personal style you will want to paint over those with a nice neutral color. Beige is best. Likewise if your walls are looking a little dingy it is always good to revive them and bring life back into the room with a fresh coat of paint.

  1. Renew Hardwood Floors

Refinishing a floor is a costly and laborious job. While it is a good idea to do this if you have aging hardwood floors all your floor may need is a quick spruce up. You can get a water-based product from a hardware store or flooring store and give the finish a quick refresh on your own. Be sure to test the product in an unseen area first.

  1. Lighting

The proper lighting can bring a lot of life and energy into a room especially as we approach fall and shorter hours of daylight. Make sure to have all curtains open during the day to show off natural light in a space and consult this article on lighting your home for more tips.

  1. Bathroom Fixtures

Next to the kitchen, buyers want to see updated bathrooms. Clean and updated bathrooms help buyers to see themselves relaxing in the space. Buy a new shower curtain liner, re-caulk the tub/shower, replace the toilet seat, get new drawer pulls and a new light fixture.

With a few quick spruce ups you can give your home a whole new feel and get your home sold quickly.

For more information on selling your home quickly in Scottsdale and surrounding communities please contact me anytime.

8 “Spiff Ups” That Help Sell Homes
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