Did you know that it any given time there are about 140 homes with a swimming pool in McCormick Ranch? With so many homes that offer a backyard swimming pool or covered in porch, it’s probably something you should look at more than just as a benefit or feature of the home. There are some drawbacks to buying a home with a swimming pool and of course, it comes with its own set of responsibilities. Here are 5 things to look for when buying a home in McCormick Ranch with a swimming pool.What To Look For When Buying a Pool Home in McCormick Ranch

#1. Make sure the safety features meet local requirements.

As with any state or county, there are certain safety requirements that need to be met when installing or maintaining a swimming pool or hot tub. Chances are if the home has been established for several years or even a couple of decades, it’s probably up to par but you may need to separate home inspector to check out the pool to make sure it is up to code. Safety issues such as a permanent perimeter fence at least 5 feet high that surrounds any accessible perimeter of a pool should be installed and the gate should open outward and have a self-closing, self-latching lock. You wouldn’t want any neighbor kids to come crawling in your backyard and take a swim when you’re not home. Other safety issues could mean alarms on the doors and windows that lead to the pool, safety glass on any windows 5 feet or less from the waters edge or an alarm that activates if someone touches the pool water. These are all important safety features and it’s important to be safe rather than sorry.

#2. Understand the monthly cost and upkeep of a pool.

Will you have a pool service maintaining the safety, alkalinity, and cleanliness of the pool or will you be doing it yourself? Pool maintenance service can cost about $80 to a $100 per month and this could mean managing the chemical balance of the water, cleaning the pool, and maintaining parts. The cost of the water itself, heating the pool, fencing, resurfacing about every 10 years or so and regularly changing the water filtration device can all add up to the cost of maintaining a pool. Make sure you understand all of the costs and added into your general housing costs.

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#3. If you love the house you may be able to get rid of the pool.

If you simply can’t find a house you love more but the pool is not a priority, you could have the pool filled in to extend a backyard for entertaining or where kids and pets can play. The cost of filling a pool and properly grading and landscaping the lot can run up to $15,000 depending on the size of the pool or removing the existing pool and then filling it in could cost about $5000 or more.

#4. You could have higher insurance premiums.

With all safety devices and fencing in place, your insurance premium could still be higher. This could increase your liability coverage due to high incidences of injuries involving swimming pools. Insurance companies take on more risk so you may have to pay a slightly higher annual premium. Adding things on like diving boards and waterslides could also add even more because they are associated with increased injuries and risks.

#5. It could increase your quality of life and your property value.

Having a pool can certainly increase your quality of life because pool owners have their own private swimming pool to enjoy whenever they wish. It can improve cardiovascular health and flexibility as well as overall physical well-being. Plus, it can improve your social life as well because who doesn’t want to throw a private pool party?

As far as increasing your property value if you are already buying a home with a pool you know what it is valued at. Living in a warm-weather locale means you’re more likely to resell your home if the property has a pool. Many house hunters in our area are specifically looking for a house with a pool so it may increase your property value over time.

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If you’re specifically looking for a McCormick Ranch home with a pool feel free to browse our website or simply contact my office with your specifics on budget and search criteria and I will send you a complete list of homes and real estate property in McCormick Ranch that offer a swimming pool.