If you’re an avid hiker or maybe a novice looking to explore the area around McCormick Ranch, there are some beautiful hikes and trails to check out. Here are some of our favorites.The Best Hikes Near McCormick Ranch

Camelback Mountain – this is a challenging hike but not too long. If you like traversing over rocks, through beautiful scenery, with a stunning view at the top, this is the hike for you. It’s extremely rewarding and when you get to the top you have a beautiful view of Scottsdale in downtown Phoenix. Make sure you plan ahead and wear good hiking shoes. 5701 N. Echo Canyon Pkwy. in Phoenix

Piestewa Peak – This is also a challenging hike and although the mountain looks small from the distance, the trail is pretty much uphill the entire way. If you’re looking for a great workout and a lot of relief coming down, this is a great hike. Bring some water and great hiking shoes and you will be rewarded with a stunning view of the entire area from the summit. It takes about three hours or more to do this hike so plan ahead. 2800 E. Squaw Peak Dr., Phoenix

Scottsdale Bike Path – if biking is more your thing, you should check out all of the amazing bike trails and even self-guided bike tours through the Scottsdale area. Scottsdale has been recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a bicycle-friendly community and the Scottsdale McDowell Sonoran Preserve has over hundred and 20 miles of trails. You can check out the Pinnacle Peak Park, which is perfect for biking, horseback riding, and rock climbing or some of the minor trails in the area such as the McCormick Railroad Park, a truly unique scene. Not only do they have amazing train rides and model railroads but they have over 30 acres of trails to explore.

Tom’s Thumb Trailhead – This is also part of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve featuring hundreds of miles of trails. This is somewhat of an easy trail and for that reason, can get crowded on the weekends. You can bring your dog the lookout for bikers and bring your own water. The entire hike takes a couple of hours because you want to take time to have lunch, take photos, and simply enjoy the scenery. You can get there at 23015 N. 128th St. in Scottsdale.

Sunrise Trailhead – Located in Hidden Hills, this is a favorite hike for many people in the area. There’s always something new to see and it isn’t too difficult of a walk either. You’ll find beautiful scenery, panoramic views, a well-maintained trail, and you can bring your four-legged friend. You’ll get there at 12101 N. 145th Way 1 Scottsdale.

Hole-in-the-Rock – if you’re looking for some beautiful Arizona scenery you have to check out this unique yet easy afternoon hike. For phenomenal views and beautiful rock structures, check out the hole in the rock trail. It’s an easy hike so if you’re looking to get your exercise in, this may or may not be the best hike for you but if you’re looking for a leisurely, afternoon walk, this is it. It offers beautiful scenery and of course unique views of the hole in the rock. 625 N. Galvin Pkwy., Phoenix

There are a lot of hiking trails and trailheads throughout Scottsdale and Phoenix but these are some of the closest to McCormick Ranch and are definitely our favorites. If you have a hiking trail that you’d like to talk about please leave us a comment below.