McCormick Ranch SchoolsSchools serving McCormick Ranch are part of the Scottsdale Unified School District #48. Many of these schools receive top ratings from students, teachers, and parents alike by great The Cochise elementary school, the Pueblo elementary school, and the Great Hearts Archway Cicero school received 9 out of 10 and are located either within McCormick Ranch or just outside. Here’s more information on the best schools, ratings, reviews, and boundaries for schools in McCormick ranch.

  • Saguaro high 
  • Mohave middle
  • Kiva elementary
  • Chaparral high
  • Cocopah middle
  • Cochise elementary


Cochise Elementary school boundaries

Cochise Elementary school boundaries




The Cochise elementary school is zoned for the north end of McCormick Ranch. There’s approximately a 16 student to teacher ratio. There are approximately 620 students with 39 teachers. This is for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

The school features a variety of academic programs and extracurriculars such as the Kids Club, a before and after school program, and the Enrichment Zone, specified classes offered throughout the year to give students ways to explore particular interests as well as for their families. The school offers gifted services, Spanish enrichment services and rigorous academics such as typing club, practice tests, math playground, Hour of Code, and additional resources by Khan Academy as well as fifth-grade Native American options. [Boundary Map Source]


Kiva Elementary school boundaries

Kiva Elementary school boundaries

Kiva elementary school located at 6911 E. McDonald Drive has a 16 student to teacher ratio with grades prekindergarten through sixth grade. There are approximately 500 students with 30 teachers.

Kiva elementary school also receives a 9 out of 10 by great This school offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as masterpiece art, computer and running clubs, student council, and a robotics program. They also have the before and after school programs and Enrichment Zone.

Middle Schools

Though Mohave middle school and the Cocopah middle school are both assigned to various areas of McCormick Ranch. The Mojave is for grades six through eight located at 8490 East Jackrabbit Rd. Most homes assigned to the Mohave middle school are located in the South end, which is primarily most of McCormick Ranch. A few homes to the north end of McCormick Ranch are assigned to the Cocopah middle school. This school, located at 6615 East Cholla St. receive the 8 out of 10 and has higher academic and math scores than many schools around McCormick.

High Schools

The Saguaro high school is assigned to residents on the southern end of McCormick Ranch. Located at 6250 N. 82nd St., this high school provides opportunities to students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They feature a wide range of extracurricular athletic programs and student clubs.

The Chaparral high school, located at 6935 E. Gold Dust Ave. primarily serves the north end of McCormick Ranch. With over 2000 students, this high school serves grades 9 through 12 with a great schools rating of 7 out of 10. This school has received the Seal of Biliteracy for graduating seniors. They offer a variety of extracurricular activities, athletics, and many student clubs.

“My son is a senior at Chaparral and it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience The teachers have been great, the honors / AP curriculum is challenging and prepares them well, and the opportunities for things like arts / music and sports have been A+. Chaparral is a well rounded school and you’re going to get more than just great academics – we considered BASIS, but decided that an all around high school experience was really important! We have been very pleased at Chap and look forward to sending our younger children there over the next few years.” []

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