McCormick Ranch Home Values

McCormick Ranch located in sunny Scottsdale Arizona has been cited as one of the best neighborhoods or places to live throughout the Scottsdale area and it just happens to be my favorite place to buy and sell property.

Whether you are buying or selling, understanding the market in McCormick Ranch is key to pricing a home correctly or never overpaying for the right home. These figures are for November 2018 and because the market is so volatile right now, they can change rapidly. Even though we are heading into some of our busiest seasons, prices still can vary quite dramatically depending on buyers, the time of year, and even the month. To get a good idea of what is selling in McCormick Ranch here are the latest numbers.

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The average home price is about $498,000, up nearly 17% over last year. Less than 3% of homes were under list price and the days on the market came in at just under 50.

The median list price is currently $530,000 or about $245 per square foot. Now, price per square foot doesn’t necessarily mean that’s exactly what you should price your home at. Factors vary based on amenities, location, condition, size, and other features and factors within individual designs.

There are also a lot of micro-neighborhoods within the larger McCormick Ranch. Each of these may have their own pricing structures and one neighborhood might be doing better than another.

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McCormick Ranch has also a few condo communities such as Lakeside and Camello Vista with home starting at about $250,000. This is a great way to get into the real estate market in McCormick Ranch and build up some equity to either buy a home later on or simply enjoy the low maintenance lifestyle that a condominium provides.

Condominiums and townhouses will require additional homeowners dues which can be upwards of $400 per month. Now, this means that landscaping, exterior maintenance, and a lot of other maintenance is completely taken care of. You simply maintain the interior part of the condo or townhouse while the Association does the rest.

McCormick Ranch Home Values

About McCormick Ranch

McCormick Ranch was established back in 1972 and is one of the premier master-planned communities in the entire state of Arizona. It is also the largest with a population of about 14,000 residents in 5 mi.².

The large master plan community is located just north of Scottsdale along the 101 between N. Scottsdale Rd. and N. Pima Rd. With dozens of individual communities and micro-neighborhoods, the McCormick Ranch golf course and golf course homes, low maintenance condominiums, patio homes, and townhouses, there’s something for everyone in this highly coveted neighborhood. Whether it’s a gated community with high security, luxury homes, golf course properties, or a simple condominium, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in a wide range of prices in McCormick Ranch.

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