Buying Real EstateWhen purchasing a home many buyers simply talk to the listing agent of a particular property this is actually one of the worse ways to go about buying a home. While any agent can be the representative for the buyer and the seller, buyers need to realize that the seller found the real estate agent first and that agent is technically working for the seller above the buyer. The main priority is to get the home sold for the most amount of profit so it can be very difficult and sometimes unethical for an agent to work for both sides having both sides interests at heart.

This is where a buyers representative or a buyers agent comes into play. When a real estate listing hits the market there’s a commission paid to the agent that sells the property. That commission is typically split between the agent that represents the buyer and the agent that represents the seller. If the same agent represents both the buyer and the seller they should receive the full commission. (You can see why many agents prefer this but other than the money, it can be tough on your integrity.)

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A buyer’s agent will represent the buyer and it cost nothing for the buyers to utilize the experience and skills of that agent. Because the agent receives the commission from the sale of the property is not paid directly from the buyers, buyers have the benefit of using an agent working solely for them; for their terms and price.

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All mediation, communication, and arrangements are handled through the buyer’s agent and the listing agent. These mediations can take the emotions out of the transaction when there are two middlemen facilitating communication between buyer and seller. A buyers agent will help explain the legalities of a real estate transaction, help write up a solid offer and work hard to negotiate for the buyer’s terms and price.

Not using a buyers agent means you could be spending more and because that agent is working for the seller, and not the buyer, you may be taken for a ride and not even know it.

If you’re looking for the best deal, you have to utilize the experience, skills, and training of a buyer’s agent. When you have a buyers agent negotiating on your behalf, you’re much more likely to get what you want out of the deal.

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