Looking for homes in McCormick Ranch? No? Maybe you should. McCormick Ranch is one of Scottsdale’s most popular major communities with a wide range of homes, styles, prices, and amenities. But, if you found this page, then maybe you are looking in McCormick Ranch and I’s love to tell you a little bit about it and the benefits of a buyer’s agent.

A buyers agent works specifically with buyers, not the homeowner or the seller of any one particular property. Any licensed real estate agent can buy or sell a property, but a buyers agent specifically works with a homebuyer to find the right property at the right price.

Because McCormick Ranch is my primary niche market, I can help you find the right home in McCormick Ranch, and, if we can’t find a home in this community, there are dozens of other communities throughout the Scottsdale area that might fit your search criteria and price better. And that’s the benefit of having a buyers agent. There’s not one specific home I’m trying to sell you, I want you to find the right home for your needs, whether or not that’s in McCormick Ranch.

McCormick Ranch is one of Scottsdale’s most premier and most popular communities. From apartments and condominiums to townhouses, cottage homes, luxury properties, and single-story family homes, there’s something for everyone in this fantastic community.

Did you know that using a buyers agent costs you absolutely nothing?

Most buyers, especially first-time homebuyers, have no idea how a buyers agent works or that there even is such a thing. Many buyers simply contact the listing agent of the property they are interested in, but the problem with that is that agent is working for that homeowner to sell that specific property. It may or may not be the right home for you. When you use your own representation, my goal is to get you the right property at the right price and for the right terms. I negotiate on your behalf with the listing agent and seller. We keep financial information confidential and keep our cards held close to us for leveraging the right terms and price.

Think of it this way, if the listing agent knew exactly how much you can afford and how much you love the house, why would they negotiate a lower price for you? This is where a buyers agent comes in and again, it’s completely free.

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So how does a buyers agent get paid?

Regardless of what home you choose the seller has written up a contract stating exactly how much commission will go to the listing agent and the buying agent. The seller pays the agent that finds the buyer so it doesn’t matter which home you choose, the seller of that property will pay my commission. You literally have to pay nothing for representation.

Need a little more convincing?

I’ve worked with Stephen to purchase 3 homes in the last 6 years – two homes for my family to live in after we relocated from Canada, and an investment property. Stephen has been incredibly valuable as both a realtor and a resource for local suppliers and tradespeople. When looking for an investment he even figured out which house had the most potential resale value, resulting in a successful first flip project. My family is now getting transferred out of state for work, and Stephen went above and beyond to find us an excellent realtor in our new state through his extensive network. We have asked him to find a tenant for our current home and manage the property as well. He has been such a trusted resource I wish he were coming with us! I would be happy to recommend Stephen to anyone needing a true expert in the Scottsdale area, whether you are looking for a family home, second home, or investment property” – ~Klfdecor Zillow

Give me a call today and let’s find the perfect home for you in or around McCormick Ranch in Scottdale.